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Enterprise Flex-E-Rent works closely with the care and welfare sector, local authorities and private companies to provide wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire. Complete the form in this header to request a quote and one of our experts will be in touch.

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More than 600 wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire

More than 600 wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent offers a full range of vehicles across our depots nationwide, and our fleet includes more than 600 wheelchair accessible vehicles. These range from small vehicle models, suitable for providing transport for a single wheelchair user, to larger accessible minibuses, which can accommodate up to six wheelchair users as well as other able bodied passengers.

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We design our vehicles to suit you

When we design wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire, we keep your passengers in mind. Many vehicles are equipped with mechanical lifts to remove the need for manual hoisting, and non-slip surfaces, handrails and safety edging also improve passenger safety. Wheelchairs can be secured on board with cant rail anchorage and Unwin floor tracking. In addition to mobility features, high- visibility yellow seatbelts and headrests can be a valuable addition for visually impaired passengers.

Our customers can rely on us

Our customers can rely on us

We only ever work with industry-leading vehicle conversion companies when adapting wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire. All vehicles are compliant with appropriate health and safety legislation, and hold a Single Vehicle Approval certificate to comply with Public Service Vehicle requirements.

Why choose us?

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent offers specialist commercial vehicle hire to suit every industry sector. Our fleet of over 25,000 vehicles offers incredible choice, from refrigerated vehicles to welfare vans and accessible minibuses. We can even modify or build custom fleets to satisfy unique customer needs. All our vehicles benefit from comprehensive service, maintenance and repair packages, regardless of the lease term. This commitment to customer care supports our ‘keep you on the road’ philosophy.

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Our range of wheelchair accessible vehicles

Accessible Car – 1 Wheelchair

The smallest accessible vehicle in our range is the WAV 1, a car designed for its ease of use and drivability. It comes with 5 seats (including driver) and 1 wheelchair space, so it is perfect for fleets dealing with small groups and/or families who want to maintain their independence.
The WAV 1 is a market leader built on a VW caddy and to European approval. Its already high specification can be tailored to meet your own specific needs, including a complete wipe clean rear and seats as well as privacy glass and climate control.


Accessible 9 Seat Minibus – 2 Wheelchairs

Our 9 seat minibus is perfect for small to medium groups who need the ability to drive on a standard car licence. It is unrivalled in its specification, built on either a Ford Transit or Citroen Relay model to M1 type approval and, like all of our fleets, its interior trim can be modified to meet your needs. Side entry is gained via a cassette underfloor steps and, like all of our fleet, its interior trim can be modified to meet your needs.


Accessible 13 Seat Minibus – 3 Wheelchairs

Our 13 seat range of wheelchair accessible minibuses are available for those who require a vehicle capable of carrying 3 wheelchairs with maximum flexibility. 11 out of the 13 seats are removable and the sturdy PLA internal lift can bear loads of up to 350kg, satisfying the demand for large wheelchair access. The fitted tachograph and speed limiter ensure that it is legislation compliant, and the seats and floors are tested to M2 standard.


Accessible 16 Seat Minibus – 5 Wheelchairs

Our 16 seat minibus options can hold up to five wheelchairs and provides different seating arrangements, depending on need and preference. We offer the Volkswagen Crafter / Mercedes Sprinter Large, which offer fourteen removable seats, a completely flat floor for easy moving around internally, climate control for comfortable travelling and the options of front or side entry and manual or automatic gearboxes.


Accessible 17 Seat Minibus – 6 Wheelchairs

Our 17 seat minibus is fully type approved and legislation compliant and offers the greatest flexibility for larger groups such as schools and colleges who carry up to six wheelchair users.
Our minibus is the largest van conversion we offer and has high specifications – it is built on either a Mercedes or VW chassis, is fully equipped with climate control and single seats, and it comes available with an external passenger lift with a 400kg capacity.


Coach Built 17 Seat Minibus – 6 Wheelchairs

The coach built accessible minibus is perfect for fleets dealing with larger groups, such as schools and colleges. Ample space for moving around is of utmost importance in this sector. That’s why we offer a coach-built wheelchair accessible minibus based on a Mercedes chassis, whose extra width and length provides plenty of space, even when transporting up to six wheelchair users.


Accessible PTS 9 Seat Minibus – 2 Wheelchairs

The PTS minibus is used primarily in the health sector for low level non-emergency contracts and our PTS fleet is able to respond quickly to the sector’s ever changing and demanding needs. We offer a full wipe clean interior for infection control in line with NHS guidelines and our PTS fleet comes with industry standard items, such as sharps bins, lockable overhead storage compartments and stretcher capability.


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