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Enterprise Flex-E-Rent specialises in commercial vehicle hire, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of the basics too. We know our customers need access to a complete range of vehicles, so we offer business car hire in conjunction with our comprehensive commercial vehicle offering.

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Car hire to complement your business

Car hire to complement your business

Our commercial fleet includes over 2,000 cars, with a diverse range of brands and sizes. From small compact models to large estate cars, we have car hire options to complement your commercial fleet’s varied demands.

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Whether you need car hire to cover temporary downtime, or require a sizeable fleet, we can help. As part of a global group that leases millions of vehicles worldwide, we have the ability to provide the capacity and support that you need.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent offers specialist commercial vehicle hire to suit every industry sector. Our fleet of over 25,000 vehicles offers incredible choice, from refrigerated vehicles to welfare vans and accessible minibuses. We can even modify or build custom fleets to satisfy unique customer needs. All our vehicles benefit from comprehensive service, maintenance and repair packages, regardless of the lease term. This commitment to customer care supports our ‘keep you on the road’ philosophy.

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