Flexible Crew Van Hire

Need to transport a full team and their materials? Then, hiring a crew van as part of your fleet is the most practical solution.

Fortunately, you can skip the long-term commitment and access top-quality crew cab vans whenever you need them.

Our flexible hire options give you complete control over your fleet, allowing you to adapt to the fluctuating demands of your business. We offer terms ranging from a single day to three years, and you can cancel anytime.


Why hire a Crew Van for your fleet?

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Buying or leasing a crew van can lock you into a rigid commitment and you may be faced with a hefty upfront cost. For businesses with ever-changing demands, predicting future crew van needs can be difficult.

Flex-E-Rent offers flexible crew van hire solutions so you can:

  • Easily adjust your fleet size as needed, ensuring you have the right amount of resources for the job. 

  • Skip the large upfront cost and invest your resources elsewhere.

  • Respond to project requirements and workforce fluctuations with complete flexibility.

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Why Should You Choose Flex-E-Rent For Crew Van Hire?

Flex-E-Rent is part of Enterprise - the UK & Ireland's Largest Commercial Vehicle Hire Company.

Scale Your Crew Capacity:

Easily adjust the size and composition of your crew van fleet as your workforce demands change.

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Competitive Rates: 

We offer exceptional value without compromising on the quality or service you expect. 

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Nationwide Coverage: 

Access a vast network of crew vans – with 27 depots across the UK and six in the Republic of Ireland, we've got you covered wherever your crew needs to be.

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Peace of Mind:

Our comprehensive fleet maintenance and service programs keep your crew vans running smoothly and on the job.

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Customise Your Look & Functionality:

Brand your crew vans with your company logo and livery for a professional look. We also offer customisation options to ensure the vehicle specifications perfectly suit your fleet's needs.

Hire crew cab vans from your nearest depot