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If you need to carry materials and a team of people to your location, a crew cab is a practical solution. A second seating bench allows you to transport more crew to your destination with minimal impact on the load area of the van.

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Crew cab van hire to complement your business

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All of our crew cabs have at least six seats, rather than the usual three of a standard van. With a range of vehicles available, we can help you find the right vans for the job. From small compact vans, with the opportunity to switch in and out extra seating, to bigger vehicles with longer wheel bases and load capacity. The crew cab is a versatile vehicle for multi-purpose use, no matter the job.

Versatile by trade

From construction workers, event managers and caterers to landscapers, cleaning companies and airport shuttle operators - all are great examples where a new crew cab van will be a benefit. A crew cab is an extremely flexible commercial vehicle for your team and will be a huge asset for your business, no matter your trade.

Why choose us for your crew cab van hire?

Why choose us?

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent offers specialist commercial vehicle hire to suit every industry sector. Our fleet of over 25,000 vehicles offers incredible choice, from refrigerated vehicles to welfare vans and accessible minibuses. We can even modify or build custom fleets to satisfy unique customer needs. All our vehicles benefit from comprehensive service, maintenance and repair packages, regardless of the lease term. This commitment to customer care supports our ‘keep you on the road’ philosophy.

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