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Commercial van hire is our speciality, and Luton vans represent one of the most popular categories amongst our varied fleet.

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Why choose Luton van hire?

Why choose Luton van hire?

We carry Luton vans for hire to offer customers a larger and more versatile storage space than the average van. An enclosed box body extends over the top of the cab area, providing this van model with additional capacity and valuable load dimensions. It’s no surprise then that Luton van hire is a popular choice among our customers, particularly those in the transport and logistics industry.

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Our range of Luton vans for hire

At Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, we make it easy for customers to get hold of the Luton vans they need. This body style is available on 3.5 tonne medium vans, but individual payloads vary according to the vehicle chassis used. However, our bodybuilders will generally offer the maximum payload available.

We also offer our customers a choice of vehicle modifications. Luton vans are available with and without tail lifts, and we also offer a low loader model. This has the vehicle body positioned closer to the ground, to enable easy loading and unloading without the use of a tail lift.

Thanks to our flexible hire terms, there is also a range of Luton van hire options to suit every business need and budget.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent offers specialist commercial vehicle hire to suit every industry sector. Our fleet of over 25,000 vehicles offers incredible choice, from refrigerated vehicles to welfare vans and accessible minibuses. We can even modify or build custom fleets to satisfy unique customer needs. All our vehicles benefit from comprehensive service, maintenance and repair packages, regardless of the lease term. This commitment to customer care supports our ‘keep you on the road’ philosophy.

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