Vehicle customisation for all your industry needs

Your business may need a leasing provider that can really think outside of the box. Here at Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to customer needs. We have both the expertise and the resources to provide commercial vehicle customisation to suit any industry needs.

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Personalise your fleet with vehicle customisation

Personalise your fleet with vehicle customisation

If you need vehicle customisation to suit your specialist business requirements, you’ve come to the right people. From minor modifications right through to designing vehicle bodies to exact specifications, we can achieve the results you need. Van conversions can incorporate anything from beacons, tow bars, chevrons and custom livery to specialist equipment such as refrigerated bodies, meat rails and tail lifts. We’ve supplied everything from fully heat-managed vans to vehicles designed to transport chickens in a way that meets the highest welfare standards.

We are commercial vehicle customisation experts

Our central fleet department liaises with a network of leading industry suppliers, including vehicle manufacturers, dealerships and bodybuilders. Having our own vehicle customisation specialists on hand allows us to specify vehicle bodies to meet particular industry needs. In fact, each van conversion can be entirely unique depending on your needs. Our expert staff can advise on ideal body specifications for certain operating requirements, and make personalised adjustments based on your fleet needs.

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“Enterprise Flex-E-Rent demonstrates all-round HGV fleet supply excellence, fully meeting our stringent specification and delivery requirements.”

Paul Clarke, Logistics Engineering Manager
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Flexibility for our customers

Instead of adapting your vehicle fleet to the constraints of popular commercial models, acquire vehicles designed to do the exact job you need. Vehicle customisation is available to all our long term hire customers, but we can also offer many modifications to flexible hire customers too. Our core hire fleet includes highly specialised vehicles that would normally be built to order, such as pharmaceutical specification refrigerated vans and welfare vehicles with WCs. Whether you need unique vehicles for a month or a year, ask our expert employees about van conversions and modifications.

We carry an unrivalled range of vehicle models

Each van conversion starts with a chassis, and luckily we have plenty to pick from. Enterprise Flex-E-Rent has a fleet of over 45,000 commercial vehicles for you to choose from, stretching from car derived vans up to 26 tonne rigids and tractor units. This gives us a huge range of donor vehicles, enabling a wide variety of vehicle customisation and bodybuilding. We can tailor CDVs, LCVs and even HGVs to satisfy your specialist needs and fulfil essential roles in your industry.

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