Tailor your commercial fleet to meet changing demands with flexible vehicle hire

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent has developed an innovative flexible vehicle hire solution that combines the guaranteed costs of fixed term hire with the freedom of short term hire. Increase your fleet capacity with vehicles modified to suit your business, without the long term commitment of contract hire.

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The benefits of our flexible vehicle hire

Companies across many industry sectors can struggle to predict changes in business demand. Luckily, your fleet capacity doesn’t have to be permanent either. Our flexible vehicle hire offering allows you to return fleet vehicles, reducing the risks associated with signing long leasing contracts. Vehicles can even be modified to your specifications, with ancillary equipment and company livery available.

Flexible costs for flexible fleets

Flexible hire customers enjoy more competitive rates than short term hire customers, and more freedom from contractual commitments than contract hire customers. If vehicles are returned before the lease period ends, customers simply cover the costs of any vehicle modifications. With no notice required for vehicle returns, fleets can pick a suitable date and wind down any ongoing operations. No added penalties, no hidden charges.

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Helping our customers to stay ahead

“18 months ago we took our first vehicles from Enterprise Flex-E-Rent and the relationship with them has worked really well. We have found that the operational support is always there for us and the standard of service has been excellent.”

John Ward
Wm Morrisons Supermarkets Plc
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We are a vehicle hire provider with a difference

Bespoke vehicles for your business

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent have decades of experience in straightforward van hire and the commercial fleet industry, and we put this expertise to good use when it comes to flexible vehicle hire. Our network of leading industry suppliers and bodybuilders can carry out bespoke modifications on flexible hire vehicles, meeting various customer requests. Our vehicle customisation specialists can create the ideal vehicles to meet particular needs, and advise on ideal body specifications for your operating requirements.

We want to keep you on the road

Vehicle breakdowns can spell disaster for any business, especially during peak periods. Our flexible vehicle hire comes with maintenance and breakdown cover included as standard, so our customers are always covered. Our team of dedicated specialists are on hand around the clock, so your vehicles are never off the road for long. A ‘keep you on the road’ philosophy ensures that you get the most out of your flexible vehicle hire, however long you hold a contract with us.

Flexible vehicle hire you can count on

Rely on our flexible vehicle hire

Seasonal peaks can come and go in a whirlwind of excitement, so it’s important for companies to work with a flexible vehicle hire provider that can meet their unique needs. Enterprise Flex-E-Rent offers a huge range of commercial vehicles across an extensive network of UK depots, each one staffed by leasing experts. With over 45,000 vehicles in our commercial fleet, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet the most challenging demands that other vehicle hire companies just can’t manage.

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