Online fleet management software brings operations on the road into the office

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent provides best-in-class online fleet management software, which enables customers to benefit from rich real-time fleet information. Access our interactive dashboard using any mobile device, and enjoy a fly on the wall view of your driver’s cab from the office.

Fleet management software tailored to your business

Access bespoke reporting

Online fleet management enables you to monitor vehicle fleet activity and performance in real time, and presents this data against key performance indicators which are tailored to your business. We make meaningful analysis easy by tracking information according to your unique operational requirements. Customers can effectively drill down and examine any situation in close detail, identifying issues and implementing remedies at the earliest possible opportunity.

Benefit from responsive online fleet management

Online fleet management provides users with a real time virtual view of their vehicles. Our software gathers a complex data feed every two seconds, constantly updating the status of each and every vehicle. This rich information is presented through interactive and engaging dashboard reporting. Users are able to access and analyse status updates on vehicle maintenance, fleet accidents, reported downtime and live fleet lists.

Helping our customers to stay ahead

“Enterprise Flex-E-Rent demonstrates all-round HGV fleet supply excellence, fully meeting our stringent specification and delivery requirements.”

Paul Clarke, Logistics Engineering Manager
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Anywhere access to fleet management software

Enjoy convenient access online

Our fleet management software provides a best-in-class suite of services at a touch of a button. We cover all operating platforms across PCs, tablets and smartphones. In fact, our user-friendly app can be accessed through almost any mobile device, as long as you have access to the internet. Online fleet management provides instant access to fleet information anytime and anywhere for maximum convenience. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, live data can inform your fleet operations.

Our flexible fleet management tool

Our online fleet management software can integrate with your unique business requirements, acting as a single port of call for intelligent fleet management. Our tool is available across a range of Enterprise Flex-E-Rent leasing packages, and can even be used across owned vehicles within your commercial fleet. This software is designed to benefit businesses of any size, and is able to operate across single or multiple depots nationwide.

Fleet management software to meet your budget

Make real cost savings

Our online fleet management software effectively and transparently manages every element of daily transport duties. It helps you to take control of management and legislative disciplines such as fleet maintenance, vehicle compliance and accident management. This offers customers significant cost saving opportunities, by ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy and improving operational efficiency.

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