Enterprise Expands EV Fleet with 100 Vans

05 July 2021

To support businesses trialling electric vehicles as they plan for the ending of the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent has added 100 plug-in electric vans to its rental fleet.

Available for daily and longer-term flexible rental at 14 Enterprise Flex-E-Rent depots in the South of England and the Midlands, these new plug-in EV’s include:

  • Mercedes 55/44 kWh eSprinter vans
  • Smaller 35 kWh Mercedes eVito Panel vans
  • Renault KANGOO E-Tech car-derived vans

The introduction of these vans supports the increasingly important role electric vehicles have in the advancement of sustainable mobility and aids customers with the decarbonisation of transportation through the adoption of the latest technologies.

Many businesses are consulting with Enterprise about how rental vehicles can help them shift to alternative fuels and reduce carbon emissions. An electric van can provide an effective solution for emission-free motoring, especially for shorter, high-volume journeys with lower payloads, in and around urban areas, and where vans can be easily recharged during periods of downtime or overnight.

Many UK towns and cities are planning to introduce Clean Air and Low Emission Zones in 2021, driving interest in electric vehicles, and London has already announced the expansion of its Ultra-Low Emission Zone in October 2021.

Enterprise was one of the first rental companies to experiment with electric vans when, in 2018, it partnered with infrastructure services specialist FM Conway to trial the use of plug-in electric vans in its London operations.

The expanded electric van fleet marks the next step in Enterprise’s investment in alternative fuel vehicles. It follows the addition of 30 new electric Renault ZOE cars to Enterprise’s rental fleet in Scotland and its pilot programme of 17 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric cars in 2021.

Businesses looking to switch to electric vehicles in order to reduce emissions will also benefit from the additional financial flexibility that rental brings, enabling them to move away from the high capital costs of owning a vehicle fleet, whilst also giving them access to newer vehicles equipped with the latest safety features.

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