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A guide to improving fleet compliance

Driving is the number one occupational risk in the UK, and your business has a responsibility to employees who are driving for work, as well as members of the public who are also on the road.

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The urban regulations fleets need to be aware of

Our infographic provides a useful visual guide for fleet managers and workers to increase fleet compliance awareness in the area of urban fleet operations.

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Brexit: the 5 key areas fleets need to be aware of

Will Brexit be a game changer for fleet operators? Download our free guide to help you plan for – and adapt to – events as they unfold

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Last mile delivery: opportunity or threat?

Turn the last mile delivery problem into an opportunity, not a threat. Our eBook covers innovative solutions that make customer demands, environmental challenges and profits not-so-competing after all.

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Growing Your Pharmaceutical Transport Operation

The controlled pharmaceutical transport market is fast-moving and rapidly growing. So, it's never been more imperative to find and demonstrate business advantages over your competitors and build a trusted name for yourself to get a foothold in the market.

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John Henry Group

Watch our video of John Henry as he discusses why they selected Enterprise Flex-E-Rent as their fleet leasing partner


The top 7 van security devices to prevent theft

Thieves are using increasingly sophisticated methods of van theft. Discover the top 7 theft techniques - and the latest protection measures you can take.

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How to protect your business from van theft

Did you know that 47,000 commercial vehicles are stolen each year*, costing £152M in lost assets? And that’s excluding loss of turnover and extra operating costs.

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10 questions to ask a potential LCV fleet leasing company

As a business in need of LCVs, you’ve probably been surprised by the sheer number of providers out there - not to mention the many different hire packages they offer. It’s vital to consider your options thoroughly before committing to a commercial vehicle hire package.

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LCV Acquisition – Hire or Buy? Choosing the right fleet option for your company

Choosing whether to hire or buy your vehicles can be complex because the headline costs rarely tell the whole story. There are a number of vital points you should consider to ensure that your fleet choice matches your business needs.

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Six ways to reduce accidents across your business fleet

Our guide can help you to gain a better understanding of how simple safety and compliance measures can reduce accidents across your fleet.

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The ultimate guide to fleet implementation in the construction industry

Fleet managers in the construction industry face a number of unique challenges. As a leading commercial vehicle provider, we want to share advice on how best to face them.

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What to look for when hiring refrigerated vehicles for your small business

Refrigerated vehicles are essential for delivering perishable goods. But these specialist vehicles demand a certain level of knowledge. So do you know what you’re looking for?

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Stay safe on the roads with 8 tips for winter driving

Read our helpful tips on winter driving safety, and steer clear of trouble on the roads this winter.

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Stay safe on the roads this winter

UK drivers should prepare for winter weather with our helpful infographic. Here’s why road safety should be every driver’s number one priority.

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Preparing your retail fleet to take on seasonal peaks

Many retailers must improve their delivery services to keep shoppers happy during peak periods. This guide examines how flexible fleet hire can help.

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Rightsizing your van fleet: How to improve costs, safety and efficiency

Discover why you should review your van fleet, how to find the optimal van size and model for your needs, and what vehicle acquisition choices are available to you.

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A simple guide to HGV fleet risk management

Find out more about the risks and costs you face as a HGV operator, and the responsibility you hold towards employee welfare.

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Small business guide to financing your van fleet

We take a closer look at several different methods of vehicle acquisition, and weigh up the pros and cons facing van fleet managers.

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