Why flexible solutions are the future of commercial van hire

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Mary Tinsley • Sep 11, 2017 • Van hire


Businesses often make the assumption that commercial van hire is merely a short-term fix. But it’s simply not the case. In fact, instead of simply “filling the gaps”, vehicle rental is now used to support businesses through uncertain times with a more flexible solution.

According to Startups, flexible finance options are in high demand in the commercial vehicle leasing industry.

So whether you need HGV, specialist vehicle or van hire, flexible, longer-term solutions are now becoming the norm, that help to boost mobility while reducing the headache associated with contract hire or purchase.

Here we explore some of the benefits of flexible hire and how businesses can use this type of solution to adapt to changing demands.

Meeting changing demands

No matter what industry sector you fall in, it can be struggle to predict changes in business demand, as seasonal peaks come and go. Luckily, flexible hire means you can increase your fleet capacity with vehicles modified to suit your business, without the long term commitment of contract hire.

With flexible vehicle hire, customers can also return fleet vehicles, reducing the risks associated with signing long leasing contracts. Vehicles can even be modified to your specifications, with ancillary equipment and company livery.

Flexible costs

Unlike short term hire, customers that choose a flexible solution will enjoy more competitive rates and more freedom from contractual commitments than contract hire customers.

If vehicles are returned before the lease period ends, customers simply cover the costs of any vehicle modifications. With no notice required for vehicle returns, fleets can pick a suitable date and wind down any ongoing operations.

Keeping up with regulations

There are currently a number of initiatives set up to address the issues affecting vehicle safety and air quality. But with evolving and new standards being introduced and new technologies on the horizon, it can be difficult to keep up with best practice and it becomes a headache for fleet managers who may need to acquire new vehicles or modify them to keep up with certain standards.

As we explored above, flexible hire allows customers to ‘mix and match’, and acquire new compliant vehicles as and when they need them.

All in all, a flexible vehicle hire solution combines the guaranteed costs of fixed term hire with the freedom of short term hire.

Evidently, the perception of vehicle rental as merely a short-term fix needs to be changed as flexible hire is the future. Hopefully we’ve illustrated some of the many benefits that can be had from switching to a flexible, long-term model – something that is applicable to businesses of all sizes in every sector.

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