Take on frost and fog with some winter driving tips

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Andrew Hill • Nov 21, 2016 • Fleet management


Each year winter weather takes us by surprise and drivers are advised to exercise caution. Frost and fog can make it difficult for commuters to get into their vehicles in the morning, and could also pose a threat to road safety. Here at Flex-E-Rent, we know how important fleet safety is for our business customers, so we’ve shared some winter driving tips below.

Driving in fog

Fog can be a very dangerous weather condition for drivers, as visibility is significantly reduced, and accidents involving a single vehicle can quickly turn into a pileup. If you need to drive in foggy conditions, ROSPA advise:

  • Allowing plenty of extra time for your journey
  • Checking your vehicle before you set off, especially the lights
  • Reducing your speed and keeping it down (do not speed up as soon as visibility improves, as you may find yourself driving blind again only moments later)
  • Switching on headlights and fog lights if visibility is reduced (but avoid dazzling vehicles with your rear fog lights)
  • Leaving space between vehicles (do not chase the rear lights of the car in front!)
  • Listening for other traffic, especially at junctions
  • Moving off the road if your vehicle breaks down (never park on the road in fog)

Driving on ice

Again, driving in icy conditions isn’t recommended, but if you do have a journey to make, ROSPA suggest the following winter safety actions:

  • Cleaning any ice from your vehicle’s windows, wheel arches and lights prior to driving
  • Cutting your speed and avoiding harsh braking, acceleration or steering, in order to reduce your stopping distance and likelihood of skidding
  • Reducing your speed smoothly and in plenty of time before bends and corners (brake very carefully, and in a low gear to keep your grip on the road)
  • Increasing the gap between you and the vehicle in front.

Staying safe on the roads this winter

ROSPA also offer some top winter driving tips for any situation:

  • Let someone know where you are going and when you aim to get there
  • Leave with a full tank of fuel, a charged mobile phone and an emergency kit
  • Plan an alternative route in case of any road closures or bad traffic
  • Keep your vehicle well-ventilated to stay alert and refreshed
  • If you get stranded, don't panic! Stay with your vehicle and call the emergency services
  • Consider a refresher course (or ask your employer about any available driver training)

Flex-E-Rent Vehicle Rental are an industry-leading vehicle hire company, and we want all our customers to enjoy safe winter driving this Christmas. That’s why we’ve created a winter safety infographic to highlight the risks on the road! 

Stay safe on the roads with our winter driving infographic



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