A Fresh Approach to Temperature Controlled Vehicles

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At Flex-E-Rent, we know that finding the right refrigerated vehicles for the task in hand can sometimes be frustrating for fleet operators. That's why we've put together the widest range of commercial vehicles in the UK, and why we're making it easier than ever for customers to access the specialist vehicles they need.

With a large fleet of brand new refrigerated vans and trucks, 20 Flex-E-Rent depots, 450 Rent-A-Car depots, 105 dealership locations around the country and Flex-E-Rent's unrivalled reputation for customer support and service, we're taking a fresh approach to temperature controlled vehicle rental.

We want to make refrigerated van hire as simple as possible. Here are four unique reasons why customers are choosing us:

  • Track record - With Flex-E-Rent's heritage as an independent vehicle hire company, we've got the credentials for success
  • Silent refrigeration - All our refrigerated vehicles are fitted with 'silent' refrigeration systems as standard
  • Peace of mind - Our customers benefit from dedicated 24/7 support provided by the refrigeration system manufacturers
  • Flexible hire - We offer refrigerated vehicles on same-day flexible spot rentals, Fix and Flex terms or full contract hire

Another reason to choose us is the sheer variety of vehicles we offer. The range includes everything from small car-derived vans up to 26-tonne rigid refrigerated trucks, and all the vehicles are brand new 63-plate models. Vans and trucks are available with a choice of single and multi-temperature refrigeration systems, and each vehicle is fitted with the latest Transcan temperature recording technology.

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This diverse range is designed to offer customers the optimum choice of vehicles, covering the majority of temperature controlled applications from chill to heavy chill and deep frozen. Plus the silent refrigeration kits included in each vehicle as standard make them ideal for typically noise-sensitive urban deliveries.

Helpful Hints

You can enjoy the peace of mind provided by access to 24-hour technical support. However, we're confident that the likelihood of a problem arising is minimal - all our vehicles are brand new and come equipped with the latest technology.

For those who are new to using temperature controlled vehicles, we've put together a few helpful hints for getting the best out of refrigerated vans and trucks:

  • Pre-chill the load space for approximately 15 minutes
  • Switch the fridge unit off while loading
  • If possible, allow space around the product for air circulation
  • Set the desired temperature on cab control
  • Close doors as soon as possible after loading 
  • Check the load temperature regularly

No matter what kind of refrigerated vehicles you need for your fleet, speak to one of our experts today to discuss your requirements. We've got the knowledge, experience and expertise to get you on the road as quickly as possible.

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