Fleet compliance: the safety, environmental & sentencing changes you need to be aware of

Keeping your fleet compliant is a never-ending challenge. You have to keep up to date with continually changing environmental legislation, while keeping your vehicles and drivers safe – and it’s not easy.

That’s why our handy guide contains the latest information you need to ensure fleet compliance, including safety and environmental legislation, as well as the sentencing changes for non-compliance.

In this free guide you will:
  • Get clear information and advice on the latest fleet legislation, including the Safer Lorry Scheme and the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) - without the legal jargon.

  • Better understand environmental regulations, including the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and European Environmental Zones – so you’re never caught short again.

  • Learn what the UK Health & Safety Sentencing Guidelines mean for fleet operators, and what the fines are for being non-compliant.
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